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Yesterday my first #opensuse #tumbleweed installation failed catastrophically... To recap some weeks ago I decided to install on a old laptop Tumbleweed, it was also an occasion to gift the first computer on my older son, he need it to make some math homework.

For this special event I elected Tumbleweed instead of Debian, also to try something different, I thought that OpenSuse could be a right choice but the unexpected was waiting for me behind some bits. We have been using this laptop one a week to do just math on specific web page, everything goes almost fine, the installation still needed tuning to be perfect, until yesterday when the system goes stuck because two processes "btrfs balancing..." and "snapperd" something engulfed the CPU at 100% and made the laptop unresponsive as well as unusable. Reading on internet I learned that OpenSuse was trying to create a new snaps... show more