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Distribution Release: Pop!_OS 18.10

Following the release of Ubuntu 18.10 earlier this week, Pop!_OS, an Ubuntu-based distribution which ships on desktops and laptops built by Linux hardware specialist System76, has also been updated to version 18.10: "Your favorite Pop!_erating system has leveled up with Pop!_18.10. Most of the new updates will also....

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Wow !

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
#linux #sexy stuff #bdsm ?

I post every day meme about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and/or share them ! :)


Distribution Release: Lubuntu 18.10

We conclude the Ubuntu release day with Lubuntu, a popular Ubuntu variant which, until recently, featured the lightweight LXDE desktop. Starting with version 18.10, the distribution has finally completed its intended switch to LXQt: "Thanks to all the hard work from our contributors, Lubuntu 18.10 has been released.....

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Tipp zum Wochenende:

System Hardening Checklist
#security #netzwerk #check #linux #windows #macos

Lubuntu 18.10: See What's New (Spoiler: LXQt, Calamares & more)

This is a "what's new" and the official promo video that I made for the Lubuntu project. Let me know what you think of the video and Lubuntu 18.10 if you try it out.

#linux #lubuntu #ubuntu

This is very useful LineageOS step by step installation how-to-do from your Linux distribution (I've done it on Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon, phone is Google Nexus 5). LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform that respects your privacy Link of installation video: Things that had to be done and are not explained for other models of android phone in this video:
1. For phones that allow you to modify bootloader just follow this guide from step 2, (if you followed installation video you have everything you need already installed)
2. In installation video there was needed some script editing in LineageOS zip file, I didn't... show more

@Kit, I am #newhere myself, but I pass you the gentle welcome message that @MasterOfTheTiger gave me :)

Welcome to the Federation!

The Federation is a global social network that works by having different computers talk to each other, instead of having one computer having full control over the network and people's data.

The Diaspora* Federation includes five different projects:

Diaspora* - FAQ
Friendica - FAQ

They are interconnected

Each of those projects are installed onto different computers c... show more


Distribution Release: Xubuntu 18.10

The Xubuntu development team has announced the release of Xubuntu 18.10, the latest version of the official Ubuntu variant with Xfce as the preferred desktop environment. This is Xubuntu's first release that uses a development build of Xfce 4.13, an upcoming version that will deploy GTK+ 3 as....

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Lubuntu 18.10 is out.

This is the first new release using the Qt based LXQt desktop in place of the LXDE desktop used in the past.

In reviewing the beta version of 18.10 in May 2018, Marius Nestor of Softpedia wrote: "We took the first Lubuntu 18.10 daily build with LXQt for a test drive, and we have to say that we're impressed ... The layout is very simple, yet stylish with a sleek dark theme by default and a single panel at the bottom of the screen from where you can access everything you need ... we give it a five-star rating."

* Nestor 's review on Softpedia

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Yesterday my first #opensuse #tumbleweed installation failed catastrophically... To recap some weeks ago I decided to install on a old laptop Tumbleweed, it was also an occasion to gift the first computer on my older son, he need it to make some math homework.

For this special event I elected Tumbleweed instead of Debian, also to try something different, I thought that OpenSuse could be a right choice but the unexpected was waiting for me behind some bits. We have been using this laptop one a week to do just math on specific web page, everything goes almost fine, the installation still needed tuning to be perfect, until yesterday when the system goes stuck because two processes "btrfs balancing..." and "snapperd" something engulfed the CPU at 100% and made the laptop unresponsive as well as unusable. Reading on internet I learned that OpenSuse was trying to create a new snaps... show more

dd vs sendfile with 1.8GB and "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"

dd bs=512 conv=fsync : 53 MB/s
dd bs=4k conv=fsync : 228 MB/s
dd bs=1M conv=fsync : 229 MB/s

sendfile: 226 MB/s

#linux #dd #sendfile #shell


Distribution Release: Ubuntu Budgie 18.10

David Mohammed has announced the release of Ubuntu Budgie 18.10, a new and improved version of the distribution that features the Budgie desktop (originally developed by the Solus project): "We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our distro, the fourth as an official....

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Distribution Release: Kubuntu 18.10

Continuing the Ubuntu release day news, here is the announcement of the release of Kubuntu 18.10, an official Ubuntu flavour featuring KDE Plasma 5 desktop: "Kubuntu 18.10, featuring the beautiful Plasma 5.13 desktop from KDE, has been released. Code-named 'Cosmic Cuttlefish', Kubuntu 18.10 continues our proud tradition of....

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Repost for mastadon/twitter with < 500 chars 😀

Got a firmware update notice for my Lenovo T460p via gnome-software on my FedoraBook. Tried it, and it worked, although I am in secure boot mode with my own keys.
Because I signed shimx64.efi it could execute fwupx64.efi. Seems like I can just modify /etc/fwupd/uefi.conf to not require the shim. Then I'll just sign fwupx64.efi.
Sidenote: the FW update removed all my UEFI boot entries!

#fedora #fedorabook #linux #efi #shim #fwupd #gnome-software



Jeder sollte ein aktuelles Backup haben und für den Fall, dass Zuhause die etwas passiert (Feuer / Wasser) sollte das Backup auch noch extern aufbewahrt werden.

Ich habe das Glück bei Hubic noch einen Account zu haben. Für 50€ im Jahr habe ich dort 11TB Speicherplatz.
Dort ist der Down-/Upload zwar auf 10Mbits/s begrenzt aber so etwas stört eigentlich nur beim initialen Backup.

Das Problem bei Cloud-Backup ist, dass die günstigen Anbieter in den USA sitzen und dann muss man zumeist auch noch deren Backup Software nutzen. Ob die privaten Daten dort wirklich verschlüsselt sind ist fraglich. Linux wird auch nicht immer unterstützt...

wie kommt man nun an ein sicheres und günstiges Cloud-Backup?


Dazu verwendet ich ein:
Nanopi NEO ca. $14

und ein 3.5" Festplattengehäuse von ORICO 3588US3 (Amazon Warehouse... show more

Image/photoHarald Hoyer wrote the following post Fri, 19 Oct 2018 10:42:23 +0200

Rant: Why does dd not take the blocksize of the devices in account?

dd always defaults to bs=512 which is horribly slow nowadays with SSDs and USB sticks. The default should be 4096.. Any arguments against that?
# dd conv=fsync bs=512 ...
1789124608 bytes (1,8 GB, 1,7 GiB) copied, 28,5612 s, 62,6 MB/s

# dd conv=fsync bs=4096
1789124608 bytes (1,8 GB, 1,7 GiB) copied, 5,20056 s, 344 MB/s

\#linux #dd #Shell #fedora #Debian #arch

Got a firmware update notice for my Lenovo T460p via gnome-software on my FedoraBook. Tried it, and it worked, although I am completely in secure boot mode with my own keys. Because I signed /efi/EFI/fedora/shimx64.efi it could execute fwupx64.efi.
Of course, this opens up a security hole, because an attacker could then execute any fedora signed efi (grub, kernel, etc.). Note to myself: replace shimx64.efi with a dummy efi executor.
Back to the firmware update: As I said, it worked fine... but: *IT REMOVED ALL EFI BOOT ENTRIES!* So, I have to find the culprit, either the fwupx64.efi or the firmware update itself. Any maybe I should install in the single OS also the fallback /efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi by default.

#fedora #fedorabook #linux #efi #shim #fwupd #gnome-software


How To Encrypt An USB Drive With VeraCrypt (Compatible With Windows, macOS and Linux)


Turned on squashfs compression for FedoraBook. I was afraid, that with compression enabled, xdelta would not produce small deltas. But it does!! 😀
root.img changed from 4.1GB to 1.8GB
Delta for no-change: 20MB
Delta from current Fedora 29 to Fedora 30: 633MB

#xdelta #squashfs #fedorabook #fedora #linux

Rant: Why does dd not take the blocksize of the devices in account?

dd always defaults to bs=512 which is horribly slow nowadays with SSDs and USB sticks. The default should be 4096.. Any arguments against that?
# dd conv=fsync bs=512 ... 
1789124608 bytes (1,8 GB, 1,7 GiB) copied, 28,5612 s, 62,6 MB/s 

# dd conv=fsync bs=4096 
1789124608 bytes (1,8 GB, 1,7 GiB) copied, 5,20056 s, 344 MB/s

#linux #dd #Shell #fedora #Debian #arch


Distribution Release: Ubuntu Kylin 18.10

The development team behind Ubuntu Kylin has announced the availability of a new version of the project's official Ubuntu flavour designed specifically for users in China. The new version comes with updated MATE 1.20 desktop and it also provides a number of desktop improvements: "We are glad to....

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Distribution Release: Ubuntu Studio 18.10

The Ubuntu Studio team has announced the release of version 18.10 of their multimedia-focused distribution. The new release enables the automatic use of JACK for removable USB audio devices and introduces PikoPixel for editing pixel part. "Ubuntu Studio Controls has historically been the app to run to get....

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Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 18.10

Martin Wimpress has announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 18.10. The new version ships with version 1.20.3 of the MATE desktop environment and will receive nine months of support. "Curiously, the work during this Ubuntu MATE 18.10 release has really been focused on what will become Ubuntu MATE....

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Distribution Release: Ubuntu 18.10

Adam Conrad has announced the release of Ubuntu 18.10, a version which will receive nine months of security updates and support. The project's new version ships with several key package updates: "The Ubuntu kernel has been updated to the 4.18 based Linux kernel, our default toolchain has moved....

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BSD Release: OpenBSD 6.4

OpenBSD is a security-focused operating system with a design that emphasises correct code and accurate documentation. The project has released OpenBSD 6.4 which includes many driver improvements, a feature which allows OpenSSH's configuration files to use service names instead of port numbers, and the Clang compiler will now....

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Android Integration Extension For Gnome GSConnect v13 Stable Released

#android #gnome #linux #ubuntu #kdeconnect

PeerTube 1.0 released.

PeerTube is a free, decentralized, federated video platform that uses peer-to-peer technology with the aim is to provide an alternative to centralized and now censorship infested platforms such as YouTube.

Development of PeerTube is now supported by the French non-profit Framasoft.

Mobile apps?

Sailfish OS: Sail2Play ( +Jolla Store)
Android: P2Play (


#PeerTube #decentralized #federated #fediverse #deleteYouTube #Framasoft #Android #SailfishOS #Linux #Sail2Play #P2Play

How to change the display manager on Linux

With Linux you can switch between login screens quite easily and you are not just stuck with the default one for your distro. But also note that some login screens prefer a specific display manager to work optimally with its themes. This article explains a bit more on how to do it.



Destination Linux EP92 - "Elementary My Dear Distro" with guest host Gabriele of TechPills and Daniel Foré of #elementary as a special guest to talk about #elementaryOS Juno

#Linux #podcast #video
Destination Linux EP92 – Elementary My Dear Distro

I've been using #NoVNC to access a headless #Linux desktop via the web when working at some of my more paranoid clients (who don't want me to access the open web, for instance). It's dead simple to set up and maintain, and it gives me access to an always-on desktop. You can run the whole thing in a #Docker container, so it couldn't be much simpler. Put https termination in front of it, mount a /home volume and you're good to go!

Schicker Desktop auf stabilem Ubuntu: Die Linux-Distribution Elementary OS 5.0 "Juno" glänzt mit dem eigenen Pantheon-Desktop und perfekt dazu passenden Apps. #ElementaryOS #ElementaryOS #Linux #Linux-Distribution #Pantheon-Desktop #Ubuntu

#Oncall week. Always a fun time. You never know if your gonna be balls to the wall, or nice and slow. 1 more week to go, then I am off to #Colorado to do some training with and some other coworkers
#linux #sysadmin #training #beer

- #Google #Engineer #Proposes #KUnit As New #Linux #Kernel #Unit #Testing #Framework
Google engineer Brendan Higgins sent out an experimental set of 31 patches today introducing KUnit as a new Linux kernel unit testing framework to help preserve and improve the quality of the kernel's code.


Removed From #Ubuntu 18.10 And #Debian Unstable, New PPA Available

Shutter Removed From Ubuntu 18.10 And Debian Unstable, New PPA Available #linux


Konference #OpenAlt
3. – 4. listopadu 2018
#Brno #Linux #OpenData #OpenAccess #OpenSource

In der Nacht auf Montag dürfte #Linux 4.19 erscheinen. Daher hab ich jetzt mal die Berichterstattung zu dieser Kernel-Version komplettiert und mich dabei auch dem neuen Verhaltenskodex gewidmet: "Mehrerer Linux-Entwickler haben den neuen Verhaltenskodex hinterfragt. Nach Ärger hat Torvalds die Möglichkeit entfernt, Code als überholt zu kennzeichnen. " #meingeschreibsel


Heb12 v0.3.0 Beta 2 Released

This is a pre-release version of #Heb12 #Bible for desktop version 0.3.0. There are a few changes from beta 1. Most notably the bookmarking feature, and the ameythist theme.

Version v0.3.0 stable is coming out by the end of October!

Note: we currently only have packages for #Linux ready, but check out our wiki on GitHub for information about making your own packages for #Windows or #MacOS.

I have been busy, so in the two months from beta 1 not too much has changed.


Distribution Release: elementary OS 5.0

elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution which features the Pantheon desktop environment and a custom application store. The project's latest stable release is elementary OS 5.0 "Juno". There are several new improvements to the desktop, file manager and software centre in the new version: "We're happy to debut....

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Isaac Kuo Intro Post

Isaac Kuo Intro Post

I'm posting a #gplusalumni post as a #newhere post, to make it easier for Google+ folks who knew me to find me. My G+ profile is here:

Isaac Kuo

My diaspora profile,, is here:

My tumblr blog, which I've had for a lot longer is here:

Check out my G+ profile for some idea of the stuff I'll be posting here, al... show more


Routing - Beispiele

Table of Contents
- [Vorwort]( - [Kurzreferenz]( - [Beispiel 1: Zwei Netzwerke LAN1 und LAN2 über Router (R0) verbinden](über_router_r0_verbinden) - [Möglichkeit 1: Über Destination-Routing](öglichkeit_1_Über_destination_routing) - [Möglichkeit 2: Über NAT/Masquerading](öglichkeit_2_Über_natmasquerading) - [Beispiel 2: Gastnetz in anonymes VPN leiten](... show more

elementary OS 5.0 "Juno" has just been released, but eOS servers overheated!

Via here is the magnet link for this premium Linux operating system for macOS (Apple) refugees / users.



#deleteApple #deleteMacOS #elementaryOS #eOS #Linux #magnetlink #torrent

elementary OS 5.0 "Juno" is here!

This is a Linux distribution pretty much specifically for macOS (Apple) refugees.

"eOS" is based on all reliable Linux distro of Ubuntu.

The time has come! Check eOS out!


#elementaryOS #eOS #Juno #macOS #AppleRefugees #Linux

How can I mount a remote folder to a local mount point and make sure the mounting gets "renewed" any time the network connection was restored, i.e. in case of system resume after hibernation or loss of wireless connection?

#Linux #SSH