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selfdaemonization of service
1 May 2018 Israel's Mossad spy agency shrouded in mystery and mystique
28 July 2018 Poison toothpaste, prisoners hypnotised to kill: How Mossad, Israel's secret service, has become the world leader in assassins with 800 operations in the last decade
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brain drain and block

[this is repost because]
The US government legislature has restricted non-US companies and non-US individuals from contacts with the following technologies:
Правительство США законодательного ограничило неамериканские компании и неамериканские физические лица от сле... show more


brain drain and brain block

Правительство США законодательного ограничило неамериканские компании и неамериканские физические лица от следующих технологий
The US government legislature has restricted non-US companies and non-US individuals from contacts with the following technologie... show more


peace walls

Mexico–US border is a wall between two states. It's very bad.
Peace Lines are walls between people in one city. It's norm, it's for the Peace:

Peace lines / Peace walls - fencing lines separating Catholic (usually Irish) and Protestant (British) areas in Northern Ireland, the first of which were built during the height of the Conflict in Northern Ireland (some of which was built already in 2008) to minimize the contact of these two groups.
And some more of normal Peace walls built by civilized Europeans:
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Socialscientist are very vindictive, they do not like it when someone demonstrates the principles of liberal arts methods to the trusting masses:
I think everyone remembers the scandal with the peer-review attack of several quoted journals:
“Three brave researchers, Helen Plakrouz, editor of Areo, Peter Bogosyan, professor of philosophy at PSU, James Lindsay, a mathematician, published fake research in seven cited journals and no one suspected anything.”
The main skirmisher of the whole joke, Peter Bogosyan, risks to say goodbye to his post (and to be blacklisted), since an investigation has been launched against him.
It turns out that an attempt to mislead the relevant journals and their employees can be interpreted as an experiment on people. To do this, you must first obtain a special permit from the institutional review board (IRB) (ethics committee) of its university.
If you think that the reactions of the whole community are unequivocal, then it is far from the truth.
Some scientists argue that they should act according to the “l
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The literal translation of the pre-revolutionary russian explanatory dictionary:
Presidency, the official name of the administration, for example, in the British India colonies.
It had been used of chief officers of banks from 1781, of individual colonies since 1608 (originally Virginia) and heads of colleges since mid-15c.

Цитата из дореволюционного русского толкового словаря:
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Modern English uses word "science" in three different "scientific areas", or "scientific disciplines":
Natural science (from Latin "Naturalis scientia", which in Modern Greek "Φυσικές επιστήμες" or "φυσιογνωσία" - "physikes epistimes" or "physiognosia") - natural sciences, uses scientific method in the cognition process (physics, chemistry, geology, biology, anatomy, etc)

Formal science (Greek "Τυπική γλώσσα" - "Typiki glossa" means typical language) - i would say it like a scientific instruments, systems of interpretation, but, literally, is language tools concerned with characterizing abstract structures described by sign systems, or... show more

I never tire of looking at videos of Chinese click farms. It's just so surreal to see hundreds of phones playing the same video for the purposes of fake engagment.
The Inversion gives rise to some odd philosophical quandaries: If a Russian troll using a Brazilian man’s photograph to masquerade as an American Trump supporter watches a video on Facebook, is that view “real”?
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How Much of the #Internet Is #

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New Year's Eve in Russian Federation

It is very similar to that since the time of , the nationwide support of the president has greatly decreased in Russian Federation and Patrushev was entrusted to raise it again, 20 years later (one generation has changed):

2018dec31: > A large section of the high-rise building in the industrial city of Magnitogorsk collapsed after the blast at about 6am local time (0100 GMT) on Monday

(address of the building - Karl M... show more

Mum’s a Neanderthal, Dad’s a Denisovan: First discovery of an ancient-human hybrid
Genetic analysis uncovers a direct descendant of two different groups of early humans.
Мама неандерталка, папа денисовец: первое открытие древне-человеческого гибрида
Генетический анализ раскрывает прямого
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Porta Nigra (lat. Porta Nigra - "black gate") — the largest and most well-preserved Ancient Gates in the world.
Порта Нигра (лат. Porta Nigra — «чёрные ворота») — самые большие и наиболее хорошо сохранившиеся античные ворота во всём мире.
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Un adolescent français a codé la Bible et le Coran dans l'ADN et les a injectés dans son corps
A French Teenager Turned the Bible and Quran into DNA and Injected Them into His Body
Un adolescente francés codificó la Biblia y el Corán en el ADN y los inyectó en su cuerpo
Un adolescente francese ha codificato la Bibbia e il Corano in DNA e li ha iniettati nel suo corpo
Французский подросток закодировал Библию и Коран в ДНК и ввел их в своё тело
Ein französis... show more

Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech:> the manual explains which emoticons can be seen as threats or, in the context of specific groups, to incite hatred.

Руководство для модераторов Facebook: > в руководстве объясняется какие смайлики могут рассматриваться как... show more


мессенджер телеграм

Если клиентская часть открыта, а серверная закрыта, очевидно, что это не делает само программное обеспечение открытым. Но рекламная компания месс... show more


telegram messenger

If the client part is open and the server part is closed, it is obvious that the software itself is not open. But for some reason, the advertising company of the messenger Telegram states that this software is 100% open.
A well-known Leningrad analyst writes:
After losing the first year of cyber war with a small multinational corporation Telegram, it (the government of the Russian Federation) decided to raise interest rates for the campaign in 2019 and allocated 20,000,000,000 rubles for development
At the moment, i support two thematic transports between the centralized Telegram and the decentralized instant messaging networks. In the western thematic Telegram chats, the number of participants is on average 5 times more than in irc (just non IT thematic). I communicated with US-Americans and Brazilians (Telegram in Brazil are particularly popular, as i understood) - the... show more

Use of LSD-25 for Computer Programming
Here is a way I used LSD-25 for a complex programming project in 1975. I was working in New York developing a compiler for an application language called “MARLAN”. This application was for the then popular IBM 360 and was written in 360 Assembler Language. There were six large phases for this application, and I was the responsible chief architect and programmer for the project. There were approximately eight hundred subroutines in the entire system.
At one point in the project I could not get an overall viewpoint for the operation of the entire system. It really was too much for my brain to keep all the subtle aspects and processing nuances clear so I could get a processing and design overview. After struggling with this pro
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A very informative documentary about how the United States imposed a culture of consumerism on the whole world. There are rare last interview with the creator of the PR technology, who expanded cigarette market to a female audience. This series was shot by BBC (Britain).
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В результате экспериментов с сенсорной депривацией, ЛСД и общения с дельфинами Джон Лилли утверждал, что наладил контакт с E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office - Земной синхронный контрольный... show more

Перевел небольшую статью из специального весеннего выпуска Maps за 2008ой год. Вот здесь оригинал статьи в pdf.

Использование LSD-25 в компьютерном программировании (Use of LS... show more

Наткнулся на документальный фильм о том, как и благодаря чьим талантам цивилизованному миру было навязано мировоззрение капиталистического иудо-христианского консьюмеризма:
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Привет, друзья! Многие из нас сталкивались в сети, а кто-то и в реальной жизни, с кришнаитской пропагандой, замаскированной под «мудрость вед». Благодаря дезинформации и обману, централ... show more

source code
There is no government, no industrial-military complex, no economic system, no mass media that can ever reduce us to puppets and robots as thoroughly as the biological and enviornmnetal dictatorships have – F.M. Esfandiary (FM-2030), Upwingers
Hello friends! In this post, I will tell you about a model that someone can possibly find an effective instrument of social interaction. And in order to get used to this model, we must first discuss some concepts related to the field of information technology.

The computer software is:
A program (from Greek programma, “a written public notice”) – in computer science, this is a set of instructions intended for execution by a machine. In general, we call a program some application provided with a user interface.
A process... show more

major metaprograms
This information enabled me to more effectively assign priorities to processes:

John Cunningham Lilly. Major metaprograms.

Program: a set of internally consistent instructions for the computation of signals, the formation of information, the storage of both, the preparation of messages, the logical processes to be used, the selection processes, and the storage addresses all occurring within a biocomputer, a brain.
Metaprogram a set of instructions, descriptions, and means of control of sets of programs.
Selfmetaprogram: a special metaprogram which involves the selfprogramming aspects of the computer, which creates new programs, revises old programs, and reorganizes programs and metaprograms. This entity works only directly on the metaprograms, not the programs themselves; metaprograms work on each program and the detailed instructions therein. Alternative names are set of selfmetaprograms... show more

основные метапрограммы
Мне эта информация позволила более эффективно расставлять приоритеты процессам:

Джон Каннингем Лилли. Основные метапрог... show more